Radiant Partners, LLC was created in 2000 as a venture to purchase and reposition a diverse portfolio of commercial properties including a regional shopping mall, a community center, a technology center, parking facilities, and a downtown office building. Over the next several years, Radiant expanded its portfolio though the acquisition of several retail properties and parking assets. Each of these new projects required a new capital structure, asset strategy, capital improvement program and hands on leasing and management program.

Sensing an overpriced market, Radiant halted its acquisition program in 2006 and focused on harvesting value from its existing portfolio. By refinancing its assets at top-of-market valuations, Radiant was able to return all equity, as well as significant profits to its investors. Radiant’s equity partners, consisting of investment firms and high-net-worth individuals, have realized average internal rate of returns in excess of 20%.

Recognizing a new buying opportunity in 2010, Radiant Partners resumed its acquisition program with a focus on retail and parking assets for their long-term investment potential.
Today, Radiant Partners continues to own and operate a portfolio of properties, in addition to seeking new investments and asset management structured joint ventures.